Data Privacy Policy

In order to comply with GDPR, DH Computing has established the following data privacy policy.
This details what personal customer data is held, why it is held, what is done with it, how it is kept secure and how you can request to see this data and if you require, ask for it to be deleted.
Please note, this document is a ďwork in progressĒ and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Data held and for what purpose

Generally, the only personal data held by DH computing are customer contact details such as: names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.
This data will have initially been provided by you on request when you first contacted DH Computing for services. This information is required solely for the purposes of providing IT support services to you. On some occasions DH Computing will have record of other data relevant to providing IT support services to you, such as logins/passwords needed to install software on your computer for example. This information will again have been provided by you on request and with your agreement. All such data is held and retained for legitimate business purposes in order to provide IT support services to you in the future. For example, if you have a computer problem in the future, it can be useful to refer back to notes on previous IT work done for you in the past.

Data NOT held

DH computing does NOT hold any sensitive data such as financial, health, religion, racial and ethnic origin.

Sharing of data and marketing

DH Computing by strict policy will never share or divulge any customer data with third parties.
Furthermore DH Computing itself does not send marketing material to itís customer list.

Security of data

All customer data held by DH Computing is held on secure systems. Customer data and all backups of it are encrypted with strong encryption software. Even if a device containing this data found itís way into the wrong hands, the data could not be accessed.

Data transport and backups

On some occasions in order to provide IT services it may be necessary to copy your data onto a DH Computing owned device. For example backing up your computer hard drive before repair work is undertaken. These backups are done to ensure you do not suffer data loss. Such data and backups are held securely and encrypted where possible. It can be useful for DH Computing to retain these backups for a short period of time after work is undertaken for the purposes of data restore in rare cases of problems. Such backups are always deleted within three months, though if you would prefer the data not be retained at all or deleted sooner, this can be requested. Also, on some occasions your computer will be taken away for work offsite at DH Computingís office. While your computer is in transit the data will only be encrypted if you have already enabled encryption, however every effort will be made to keep your computer and itís data safe and secure while it is away from you.

Exposure to data on your computer

It is the nature of IT support that in order to provide our services we will often have full access to your computer and the data on it. This will be the case whether work is performed on site, remotely, or by taking your computer away for work at DH Computing's office. It is policy that only data essential for providing IT support will be accessed where possible. DH Computing will certainly not be browsing your files, however, the potential does exist that DH Computing may inadvertantly be exposed to other material stored on your computer. In such cases the privacy of customers will always be kept and respected.

Remote access

DH Computing performs a some work (where appropriate) over a remote connection to customerís computers. If DH Computing has established remote access to your computer this will have been done with your explicit permission and these connections are secure. By policy DH Computing will only access your computer for IT support purposes and no data will be extracted.

Customer data requests

If you require, you can request to be sent copies of all data held about you and you can also request itís deletion. You will be required to provide an adequate level of identity verification before any data is released.

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