Microsoft support for Windows 7 will cease in January 2020!

Windows normally receives automatic software updates from Microsoft. Most of these updates are for security issues that could be exploited by malware or hackers if not fixed. Microsoft normally releases software updates to fix these vulnerabilities as they discover them. It is very important to allow these updates to install.

Microsoft support for Windows 7 will cease in January 2020.
Microsoft support for Windows Vista ceased in April 2018.
Microsoft support for Windows XP ceased in April 2014.

These olders versions of Windows will still continue to work but will no longer release Microsoft software updates. Any security problems discovered after the expiry dates will never be fixed, which will leave them increasingly vulnerable to cyber attack. Also, software support for many other third party programs may also become an issue.

More info from Microsoft:-
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The Solution

To maintain the best possible security, you need to be running a modern version of Microsoft Windows that is still supported and updated. The current and recommended version is Windows 10.

This can be acheived in two ways:-

  • Upgrade your current computer to Windows 10.
    Your current computer may be suitable to be upgraded to Windows 10. Please call to have your computer inspected for suitability and then to discuss options. Your data, e-mail and applications can be transferred.
  • Replace your computer with a new or refurbished one running Windows 10.
    DH Computing can supply great value new or refurbished computers to suit your requirements.
    Please call to discuss prices, specifications and migration of your data, e-mail and applications.
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